Lisa Grant, OMD
Double Board Certified: Dipl. NCCAOM Oriental Medicine
Fellow, American Board of Oriental and Reproductive Medicine

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I have been seeing Dr. Lisa since March of 2021. I got married at 42 and we wanted to have children right when my husband and I got married. I’ve never had kids and had no idea how hard it would be to get pregnant after 40. After a real conversation with her, we agreed to go straight into IVF because we wanted to try for 2 children. I started acupuncture three months before IVF stimulation meds in conjunction with changing my diet. I went through two rounds of IVF, due to my first round having no normal embryos. She did tell me beforehand I would most likely need more than one round at 42. My second round we got our normal embryo and I am now almost 7 months pregnant with our baby boy. Our first transfer worked! I am 43 years old. We continued with acupuncture, before and after the embryo transfer, and now once monthly. Fertility is such a hard thing to go through, but Dr. Lisa is very supportive and realistic with everything. I wanted to work with someone who is down to earth, but also can give it to me straight, and that is how she works. I am very grateful to her for helping us get to this point and for helping this 43 year old get pregnant.

    -R. Ramos

We met Dr. Grant after 2 years of trying to conceive; one on our own and a year with a local reproductive endocrinologist (RE).  After 8 intense months of injections, ultrasounds, countless lab draws, and 3 failed IUIs, we were desperate for a break.  IVF was the next step and we were not ready for that.

Not a week after the third failed IUI, my mom forwarded me Dr. Grant’s information.  We were able to meet her within the month due to a cancellation and started her recommended changes.  At that point, we were tired but willing to make the lifestyle changes she recommended as well as let go of the stress of the past 2 years.  After speaking with Dr. Grant we were reassured.  She was able to explain exactly what was happening with my cycle and how certain changes can get us back on track.  I was glad to meet her at that point in our journey as the stress level was beyond what I would ever imagine and she was willing to tackle it.  I felt I handed over all my worries and allowed her treatments to manage our stress.  (I was willing to do anything to lessen our stress level and if we could just do that, even without getting pregnant, I would’ve been happy.)  I also felt she tailored our treatment plan especially for us – it does not feel like you’re cattle in a factory just being pushed along like at the RE specialist.

From the get go, we set goals together – we wanted to do everything as naturally as possible and it finally felt like someone was on our side.  We wanted a game plan and she asked us to give her 3 months.  If, with all the changes, we could not get pregnant on our own, she had 2 other fertility specialists she recommended, and suggested we try IUI one more time before IVF.  I liked that we had a plan A as well as a plan B.  Dr. Grant is really passionate about acupuncture and a holistic approach which we appreciated so much after al my body had been through.  We loved that she was able to combine Eastern and Western medicine.  We felt we had the best of both worlds with her.

About 6 weeks after our first treatment, we got a big fat positive.  Now, we’ve been down this road before and I nervously texted Dr. Grant when we saw the test.  True to form, she had a plan.  Because my OB would not do a pregnancy confirmation visit until 8-10 weeks, Dr. Grant would monitor me every 2 weeks until we had a confirmed heartbeat.  She was also able to order a couple of HCGs to confirm doubling time and ensure our little baby was growing appropriately.

While our PRE-pregnancy journey with her was short, it was her presence during those first 8 weeks when our secret was shared by only 3 people that made all the difference.  With each visit, she reassured me the baby was doing well, helped me manage the awful first trimester symptoms like nausea and fatigue, and was an endless resource for food suggestions and symptoms management.  I wish everyone would have Dr. Grant available to them during that long wait.

Once we got a confirmed heartbeat, I continued to see Dr. Grant every month.  She’s also continuing to help manage my gestational diabetes and has been such a support during this time.

I would 1000% recommend Dr. Grant to anyone struggling with infertility.  She pulled us out of a dark hole and cannot thank her enough for helping us.
    -K. Tan

I went to Lisa to help me become pregnant through fertility with the aid of acupuncture. Her recommendations, guidance, support and help not only through her amazing acupuncture healing, but her kindness, support, listening ear, and beautiful heart are unlike anyone I have ever encountered. I was able to achieve a successful pregnancy resulting in a beautiful baby boy now 18 months. This review has been a long time coming and I am sorry it took me so long to write it. I firmly believe without Lisa I would not have gotten pregnant. If you are having fertility issues please do not hesitate to reach out to Lisa and begin acupuncture with her!

When I first contacted Lisa, I was 3 months post miscarriage. The doctor I had been seeing thought we’d have no issues getting pregnant again, despite it taking years to get pregnant the first time. They wouldn’t even do tests until after THREE miscarriages – “nothing was wrong” with me. Heartbroken and discouraged, I attended Lisa’s seminar and began changing my lifestyle. From 8 cups of coffee a day to none. From a carb laden diet to one based in high quality plant and animal protein. Gone went the toxic chemicals, thoughts and refined sugar.

Then the treatments started. She treats the whole person, not just a series of symptoms. The acupuncture itself was relaxing; I often fell asleep.

When I started acupuncture with Lisa, I had high temperatures at the beginning of my cycle, low temps in the luteal phase and a very short luteal phase. Essentially, my body was cooking my eggs, and then even if a healthy one managed to get through, it didn’t have enough time to implant. The acupuncture, along with herbs and changes in my diet, fixed my wacky temps, and elongated my luteal phase.

It took four months to regulate my cycles. But in January of 2019, we got pregnant with our rainbow baby. Lisa was just as amazing after that positive test.

I kept going to her throughout my pregnancy, and we welcomed a healthy and beautiful baby girl in September – a year after I started my journey with Lisa.

I know Lisa has clients who are not there for fertility acupuncture, and I’m sure she is just as wonderful in those realms. But if you DO need someone in your corner for your fertility journey, I highly recommend Lisa. She is so amazingly supportive, compassionate and knowledgeable.


Helped My PCOS And I Know What To Do Now!

Now with no luck including unfortunately suffering a miscarriage, I was completely lost and had no idea where to turn to for help. I took this online program to kickstart my fertility journey and saying the information opened my eyes is an understatement. Yes, the course is long, but it is for a reason. There is so much important and life-changing information in this program, with all of the courses neatly divided into separate categories and very easy to understand, I was finally able to get to the bottom of what was going on with my body with this PCOS and the effects of it trying to conceive. I feel so much better in such a short time! I highly recommend this online program to anyone who is having trouble conceiving and especially to those with PCOS trying to conceive. The entire course is printable as well, so you’ll always have a reference guide with you!

“Prior to seeing Lisa my husband and I had been trying to have kids for over year, which included two miscarriages. She came highly recommended from a good friend who had fertility success with Lisa as her doctor. Lisa has been warm, knowledgeable and understanding along our fertility journey and I am happy to report we are 5 months pregnant with everything going as planned. Lisa has brought so much assurance and peace (if you’ve experienced miscarriages you understand peace is hard to find) and I would highly recommend her services and knowledge to anyone.”

-C. Baker

“I wish I could give more than 5 stars. During my 6 months with Lisa (I moved out of state), my life has positively changed drastically. I learned so much about my body, how it processes food, hormone changes, and what it needs. I initially contacted Lisa to help with getting pregnant as I had some issues the past year as well as having an underactive Thyroid. Lisa took careful time getting to know me and my needs. Each session was uniquely catered to my body and emotional well-being. Mirroring Lisa’s patience and dedication to me getting pregnant was so beneficial during the journey. She made me feel normal and her confidence radiated and lifted me at the hardest times. The overall, well-rounded practice here is one that has forever changed my life and I am now almost 5 months pregnant with a healthy baby! I can’t stress enough how much I recommend Lisa and Spring Mountains Acupuncture for a variety of needs.”

-Janna C

“I would recommend Lisa’s Accupuncture services to anyone! She is amazing! At each visit she puts 100% effort into understanding, treating, and resolving all symptoms. She is always available to her patients for anything big or small. Lisa has treated me to reduce painful symptoms of my Endometriosis as well as improving my fertility for over a year. After that time I was able to have our first beautiful baby boy! Worth the 12 year wait! Lisa was there and continued to treat me through my entire pregnancy! I’m so glad I have been able to see Lisa for treatment! If you are on the fence about Accupuncture please give yourself the chance to see if it is right for you! Lisa will not steer you wrong, as her passion is to see patients well again!”


“I would like to share my experience with Dr. Lisa. My husband and I had tried to conceive 8 years and we tried 1 IUI and 3 IVF. I was diagnosed as high immune system which block sperm to fertilize. I had 1 miscarriage previously. My doctor told us that he could not figure out that why I had been failing pregnancy, so he suggested to get a surrogate instead. I was devastated that my body could not carry my own baby by myself. My husband even suggested adaption, and his friend offered to be our surrogate as well. However, I really wanted to believe myself and ability of my body. Then I realized that I never tried acupuncture before , so I researched a couple places and decided to talk to Dr. Lisa who specializes the fertility acupuncture. This IVF could be the last time so I wanted to make sure that I would not regret and tried everything that I can. First time I talked to Dr. Lisa was amazing that she was very informative and caring. She even suggested to wait a couple cycles to make sure that my body is in the healthiest condition to prepare for IVF.

She suggested many different things that she wanted me to do to prepare for IVF. Most of them are something I never tried. I had to change a lot of things and limit good unhealthy food as well; however, it worth it to get pregnant. Dr. Lisa was there for me every single steps and monitored my body very carefully. She prescribed me Chinese medicine according to my body temperature, period cycle, and medicine that I was taking at the time for IVF. It was very relaxing and amazing experience to go through her since she motivated me every time and made sure that I am eating healthy and having least stress. Going through IVF was never easy and sometimes broke me down badly. But Dr. Lisa was there to listen to me and always on my side to cheer me up and motivate me to do things positively.

Thanks to her wonderful work, I was able to get pregnant with twins last February. She told me what I need to expect and what I should do through pregnancy. A lot of things were so informative and made my pregnancy very easy. Because of her amazing acupuncture and knowledge, I could carry my babies till 37 weeks and 4 days.

I am so grateful to find her as my acupuncture, and she always go beyond and above of caring patient. She was not only my acupuncture but also my friend, advisor and mentor. She is very sweet and sincere. I recommend her 100% and listen to her what we have to do to prepare for IVF. IVF involves money, time, emotion, and physical pains, but I assure you that going through her will give higher chance to get pregnant. (make sure following her suggestion : )

I started visiting Dr. Grant’s practice in March 2018 as I was worn down and about 8 months into my fertility journey. From our first meeting I felt very comfortable with her, she is so knowledgeable on everything Fertility… she gave me hope. Every visit she sat down with me to give me advice on how to live a healthier lifestyle in order to make sure that my body was in the best shape for my journey. It’s not just about the accupuncture it was about the mind, body & spirit.

The fertility journey is not an easy one and Dr. Grant was there to guide me through the process, whether I had questions or just needed the support.When going through my retrievals and transfer she shared her IVF Love Kit with me.. a small little box filled with daily inspirational quotes, chocolates and everything you need to get you through the emotional roller coaster and dreaded  injections.

After 6 months of visits with Dr. Grant and the magic of Dr Shapiro, my husband and I are now expecting a baby boy. It’s not easy to find someone that takes the time to care for her patients like Dr. Grant does. She’s amazing at what she does and is truly invested in your success. I’m so glad I chose to see her for accupuncture. I couldn’t have done it without herexpertise, knowledge and guidance.”

-Diana H

“Due to a condition which was fixed surgically when my husband was a baby we found out he was going to be unlikely to have children naturally (low motility). We tried for a year before proceeding with IVF. I have previously donated my eggs so we knew we would not need any assistance in this aspect, however I have never been pregnant. We turned for help/Accupuncture with our fetal embryo transfer. I have never done this before but Lisa made me feel comfortable due to her vast medical knowledge. I am a nurse so it was important to me to make sure that I could really trust my CAM practitioner. She was attentive, and treated the “whole” person vs just the issue of concern because everything is connected. She went through my diet, gave me homework which actually helped be less cold (you want the blood flow to go to the reproductive region and naturally the body will always choose the vital organs first so if you have poor circulation+ very low blood pressure like me that’s bad news if you want a baby),and assisted me with my sinus issues! Not only did we have a successful transfer on the first try but when I was seeing her I felt much better! She was also very nice and professional when pregnant/ tired me completely slept through/ missed my last appointment. If we did not move out of state I would still be seeing her throughout the pregnancy!”


“We are so grateful to have found Lisa and Spring Mountains Acupuncture! We were having trouble conceiving a second time. My initial phone consultation with Lisa was very impressive – she listened and gave personal advice immediately.I attended her fertility workshop which was very helpful and reassuring. After that, I was being seen for acupuncture treatments. Lisa is gentle, kind, caring and attentive. We ended up conceiving after a couple of months with a super low AMH. I believe the treatments, Chinese herbs supplements helped!! I continued to see her throughout my pregnancy and only had to stop because we are moving out of state :(. BUT wait….theres MORE….she went out of her way to recommend an acupuncturist in our new state!! She is a GEM. If you’re having second thoughts, please give Lisa a chance. I feel as though she truly cares about her patients and is dedicated to your success in the fertility journey! I am going to miss her :(“

-Meg S

“I went to Dr. Grant starting last November as I was having trouble with IVF. I had done a retrieval and had the embryos but my body was having trouble preparing for transfer. After 5 attempts with no luck I decided to take a break and started seeing Dr. Grant.

She became almost a life coach for me, preparing my body for this giant change. It was a big change for me to doing all that was recommended but I followed diligently as she dispensed more and more knowledge. She did acupuncture as well as talked me through what was holding me back and had me work on my diet.

After four months of meeting with Dr. Grant I tried again and my first transfer was successful! Just last week I gave birth to a very healthy baby girl and am headed over heels in love with her. Thank you Dr. Grant for everything!”