Acupuncture for Natural Fertility and IVF 
Las Vegas Fertility Acupuncture
By Dr. Lisa Grant
Dipl. NCCAOM Oriental Medicine
Fellow, American Board of Oriental and Reproductive Medicine
 The benefits of Acupuncture are profound and well studied: 
  • Improves blood flow to the uterus; Stener-Victorin 1996
  • Normalizes insulin sensitivity; Liao 2015
  • Regulates reproductive hormone levels; Magarelli 2009
  • Promotes ovulation; Cai 2007
  • Increases uterine lining thickness; Napadow 2008
  • Reduces the stress of IVF, Isoyama 2012
  • Reduces uterine irritability, Kim 200
  • Reduces the pain of transfer, Stener-Victorin 2000
  • Down-regulates the HPA and improves autonomic regulation; Qian 2013
  • Decreases biologic age of eggs (reduces FSH); Alviggi 2009
  • Improves poor responder rate, Magarelli 2004
  • Improves good responder rate, Magarelli 2004
  • Improves IVF outcomes, Hullander 2015
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 Frequently Asked Questions 

Yes. And no. Ultimately, you fix yourself: acupuncture just opens the door. For issues of physical trauma (for example, speeding up the healing of a broken bone, tendonitis, sprains, carpal tunnel, side-effects of chemo, etc), the treatments are fairly simple and “fix” you.

Addressing non-trauma problems will require your active participation. The fundamental truth is that your body is wise: you do not have symptoms for no reason. This means that your symptoms are not independent of you, your lifestyle, or the choices you make in life. Therefore, to really heal, you have to listen and act on what your body is telling you about yourself and the way you deal with life issues. So yes, acupuncture can fix you, if you are willing to take responsibility and fix yourself.

I am a 5 Element acupuncturist, which is very different from other acupuncture styles you may have heard of or experienced. All acupuncture, including 5 Element, can treat injuries or physical issues. What makes 5 Element acupuncture different is that it addresses the “inner tradition” of Chinese medicine. I emphasize the connection between your physical health, emotions and life choices. By recognizing that emotions and thought patterns can profoundly influence health and well-being, 5 Element acupuncture gives you a way to live life with integrity and make choices that enhance who you are. “Each moment of life, we are faced with a choice between renewing our vitality through authentic action or avoiding reality and increasing our burden of mundanity that eventually kills” our true selves. 5 Element acupuncture helps you cut through the stress, mundanity, pain, or whatever blocks are keeping you from feeling and acting like yourself, and restores you to well-being and your true self.

Are you committed to doing what you have to feel better? If yes, call for an appointment and give yourself the gift of feeling like yourself again!

I only use single-use, disposable needles. There is no possibility of transmission of any disease. The needles are the width of two human hairs: they are very slender. They also don't go in very deep. And the needles are not hollow, like a hypodermic needle, so they hurt at lot less (if at all). You may feel a buzzy, tingly or heavy sensation after the needle is inserted: that's good! It means I've gotten the point exactly right.

Yes! I have non-needling methods of treatment. I still stimulate acupuncture points, but I use massage, tapping tools that don't break the skin and heat therapy on the points instead of needles. I also use cold lasers, which are not painful at all.

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Spring Mountains Acupuncture believes that Wellness is more than the absence of pain or disease.

It’s the cultivation of a sense of wholeness in your life.
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