Low Level Laser Therapy for Fertility 
Boost IVF Results With Fertility LLLT Treatment
By Dr. Lisa Grant
Dipl. NCCAOM Oriental Medicine
Fellow, American Board of Oriental and Reproductive Medicine
There is exciting research and clinical data demonstrating that LLLT (low level laser therapy) helps improve fertility in women over 35, especially women with poor egg quality and older eggs.

As women age, or due to certain fertility conditions, their eggs don’t create as much ATP (the energy molecule of the body). Lower ATP means your eggs can’t develop as strongly or power the process of fertilization, implantation and pregnancy. A tremendous amount of energy within the cells is needed for follicles (eggs) to mature and for early embryos to divide and implant.
 How do lasers help fertility?
Lasers benefit fertility because the rate of division and successful implantation of embryos is profoundly affected by the amount of energy they have.

When eggs are developing, they use a tremendous amount of energy; and early embryo division and implantation requires lots of energy too.

After 35 years, the mitochondria in follicles decreases. At age 40, 9/10 eggs are abnormal. In addition, older eggs are also more affected by oxidation, which can break DNA and contribute to abnormal embryo development.
 A research paper on LLLT and fertility explains it this way:

“Every cell in our body, except red blood cells, run on the energy source ATP, or Adenosine Triphosphate. ATP is produced by the mitochondria inside our cells.

Throughout our body, most cells have around 2,000 mitochondria. Some more, some less. A few exceptions stand out, brain cells and heart cells with around 10,000 each. But the oocyte, the human egg cell, goes way beyond that, with a whopping 600,000 mitochondria.

This goes to emphasize how much energy it takes to create new life.

But even with 600,000 mitochondria, when their efficiency drops with age, the result is still a rapid decline in fertility rate. This is where PBM (LLLT) comes into the picture. Numerous scientific studies have shown that when cells with a lack of energy are exposed to laser light, the mitochondria will start producing more ATP.

This will directly influence the oocyte, increasing the energy level and drastically improve the chances of conceiving. Aside from egg quality issues, there are a number of complications that can impede the likelihood of getting pregnant….”
( Arne Grinsted and Maja Grinsted Hillegass. “PhotoBioModulation for Infertility”. EC Gynaecology 8.9 (2019): 875-879)

In addition to egg quality issues, problems such as endometriosis, PCOS, premature ovarian failure, abdominal scarring and hypothyroidism can affect egg quality and create issues with blood flow to the ovaries and lining, inflammation and oxidative damage.

 The Celluma Delux Low Level Light Laser
All of these are addressed with the Celluma LLLT device since it covers the whole body, including the entire abdominal area.

The LLLT Celluma Delux (which is what we have in the office) is a low-powered, warm, red-and-infrared wave laser.

The Delux is a laser mat, which covers the entire body, so it works with THE ACUPUNCTURE MERIDIANS THAT GOVERN FERTILITY HEALTH!

This is why I’m so excited: Celluma LLLT works with the length of the meridians that directly nurture and support fertility, maximizing its effect on the whole process of egg development, blood flow, and healthy uterine lining!
 What does LLLL treatment look like?
Optimal treatment protocol for fertility is 6 treatments between cycle day 1 to ovulation.

Each session is done with 23-25 minutes face up, and 10 minutes face down.
 Conditions that may benefit from LLLT Low Level Laser Therapy for fertility:
 Women who have not responded to conventional therapies:
  • low AMH
  • high FSH
  • poor responders
  • women 35 and over
  • women diagnosed with PCOS or ovulatory disorders
  • women diagnosed with endometriosis or painful menses 

    Women who have issues with their uterine lining such as:

    • Endometriosis
    • History of abdominal surgery or D and C
    • Thin lining during IVF cycles
    • Women going through IVF fresh or frozen cycle to support implantation
     Beneficial effects of LLLT/photobiomodulation for fertility:
    • Increases mitochondria function and ATP (energy) production
    • Regulates inflammation
    • Decreases damage caused by oxidative stress
    • Improves blood circulation which can benefit ovaries and uterine receptivity
    • Softens scarring and adhesions (from earlier surgeries or infections)
    • Decreases stress and promotes parasympathetic function
    • CoQ10 absorption-synergistic effect with LLT
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     Frequently Asked Questions 

    Yes. And no. Ultimately, you fix yourself: acupuncture just opens the door. For issues of physical trauma (for example, speeding up the healing of a broken bone, tendonitis, sprains, carpal tunnel, side-effects of chemo, etc), the treatments are fairly simple and “fix” you.

    Addressing non-trauma problems will require your active participation. The fundamental truth is that your body is wise: you do not have symptoms for no reason. This means that your symptoms are not independent of you, your lifestyle, or the choices you make in life. Therefore, to really heal, you have to listen and act on what your body is telling you about yourself and the way you deal with life issues. So yes, acupuncture can fix you, if you are willing to take responsibility and fix yourself.

    I am a 5 Element acupuncturist, which is very different from other acupuncture styles you may have heard of or experienced. All acupuncture, including 5 Element, can treat injuries or physical issues. What makes 5 Element acupuncture different is that it addresses the “inner tradition” of Chinese medicine. I emphasize the connection between your physical health, emotions and life choices. By recognizing that emotions and thought patterns can profoundly influence health and well-being, 5 Element acupuncture gives you a way to live life with integrity and make choices that enhance who you are. “Each moment of life, we are faced with a choice between renewing our vitality through authentic action or avoiding reality and increasing our burden of mundanity that eventually kills” our true selves. 5 Element acupuncture helps you cut through the stress, mundanity, pain, or whatever blocks are keeping you from feeling and acting like yourself, and restores you to well-being and your true self.

    Are you committed to doing what you have to feel better? If yes, call for an appointment and give yourself the gift of feeling like yourself again!

    I only use single-use, disposable needles. There is no possibility of transmission of any disease. The needles are the width of two human hairs: they are very slender. They also don't go in very deep. And the needles are not hollow, like a hypodermic needle, so they hurt at lot less (if at all). You may feel a buzzy, tingly or heavy sensation after the needle is inserted: that's good! It means I've gotten the point exactly right.

    Yes! I have non-needling methods of treatment. I still stimulate acupuncture points, but I use massage, tapping tools that don't break the skin and heat therapy on the points instead of needles. I also use cold lasers, which are not painful at all.

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